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Professional auto detailing is personally given by a detailed individual who restores your vehicle to a quality showroom look by cleaning, polishing and protecting it from inside out. The auto detailing process includes restoring and protecting the exterior and interior of your automobile. Auto Overhaul's auto detailing service uses top quality formulated products to ensure your vehicle is restored to an ultimate exterior shine and the interior is left fresh and clean.

How often should you detail your car? If you use your car everyday at least every 3 months.
Maintaining your vehicle is important, and washing your car is a great way to remove dirt, insects, and brake dust grime. Washing your vehicle yourself can be time consuming, save some time out of your busy schedule and let us come detail your vehicle for you! Simple maintenance is great, but detailing services from Auto Overhaul will give your vehicle the care it needs. All that time and energy spent on washing and vacuuming your car, instead just call us and we'll take car of it for you! Cheap professional auto detailing prices and fast service!

Auto Overhaul's
Exterior auto detailing focuses on restoring the vehicles paintwork, chrome, wheels, tires and windows also including all other vehicle exterior components. Hand washing the exterior of your vehicle includes the cleaning and removal of bugs and foreign particles with our special pre-soak formula. Pressure washing, waxing, cleaning wheels, tire shine, hand polishing, buffering, polishing and protecting rims are all part of the exterior services that our professional detailing company offers. Polishing, similar to paint correction, uses a forced spinning action to remove fine scratches and imperfections from your vehicle. The Clay Bar Treatment offered in the Ultimate Overhaul Auto Detailing Package removes all dirt and impurities from paint that is not removed from normal washing. This treatment and helps restore your car to a glossy finish factory look.

Auto Overhaul's Interior professional detailing involves deep cleaning of carpets, dirt and stain removal, renewing upholstery and conditioning leather. This detailing special is offered in the Ultimate Overhaul auto detailing package.
Interior vacuum of the vehicle includes using a shop vac and a variety of different vacuuming tools to get the hard to reach places. Cleaning the dash, plastic panels and interior window shine are included in interior detailing.

Auto Overhaul Professional Detailing and customization services are offered for all vehicles, We cover all areas in Orange County, 32807, Orlando, Florida, Kissimmee, Sanford and all other surrounding areas.

We also offer: Marine & Boat detailing, fishing boats, jet ski, RV's etc...pretty much everything.
Call us today and recieve great deal!

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