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Auto Overhaul offers a full line of well-known quality Mobile Electronics products. We stock the most popular car electronic products including DVD Players, GPS Navigation, Garmin & TomTom, GPS Tracking, Blue Tooth, iPod & MP3 Kits, Night Vision & Back up Cameras. Mobile Electronics provide more security on the road allowing you to more freely navigate. The In-dash & portable GPS saves time on road trips and prevents you from getting lost. The convenient access to maps and points of interest can help direct anyone to the right location for an effortless road trip, right from your dashboard. Backup cameras are a safer alternative to making sure you don't hit anyone behind you or damage your car.

Bluetooth is a great way to navigate in your vehicle hands free. This device also comes with voice recognition. Jump in the car, start the engine and your phone automatically connects, no hassle or worries. This device is a safe way to communicate while you drive. Bluetooth browser buttons also allow you to connect to your voicemail so you can pay more attention to the road and protect your loved ones while driving.

Auto Overhaul certified Mobile Electronics professionals can help you choose the device perfect for you and install the mobile car electronics system into your vehicle. Auto Overhaul can offer optimal service, quality equipment, and expert installations for your mobile and car electronic needs. Auto Overhaul Mobile Electronics technicians are Trained & Certified by MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professionals), providing up to date installation techniques and ensure factory mobile electronic installations that effortlessly integrate with the electronics system in your vehicle.

Mobile Electronics Includes:

  • Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kits

  • iPod & MP3 Car Adapters

  • CD Changers & Car Stereo Tuners

  • DVD Changers & Players

  • Backup Cameras

  • Navigation TV Interface

  • Night Vision Camera

  • GPS Navigation

  • In Dash GPS Navigation

  • Car Receivers

  • DVD Receivers

  • In-dash DVD Receivers

  • Satellite Radio

  • Plug-and-Play Satellite Radios

  • Overhead Car Video Screens

  • Headrest Car Video Screens

  • Portable DVD Players

  • Universal Car Video Screens


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