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Window Tint:

Auto Overhaul of Orlando window tinting improves the look of your automobile by providing quality products and services. The Orlando window tint installation is done by using a computerized film cutting system so your tint is cut to exact manufacter's specs. LLumar PrecisionCut window films are known for their durability and scratch resistant coating. Auto Overhaul of Orlando offers all window tint installation through Llumar's precise digital technology. LLumar window tinting system includes precision cuts and patterns with digital imagery to fit the exact design of your windows. Decorative graphics are also offered through our advanced computerized window tinting services. Computer graphics used to precisely cut your window tint will eliminate mistakes and reduce installation time. LLumar products help us prevent wasting any materials and secure the safety and function of your window tint.

Auto Overhaul's
expertise in car window tinting, includes over 10 years experience, and Auto Overhaul will guarantee your satisfaction as well as provide excellent customer service.
wants to enhance the comfort of your vehicle by supplying you with the best known car window tinting in Orlando, FL

Window tint gives your vehicle many benefits:

  • Protecting Interior    

  • Blocking the Heat Out

  • Style / Adds Value

  • Blocks Glare

  • Decrease Theft

Window tinting for your car provides a luxury and factory look while adding value to your vehicle.
Benifits of window tinting include style and appearance.

Orlando window tint for your car will prevent damage such as cracked dashboards and faded seats.
Car window tinting cools the temperature of your vehicle and makes the glass safer blocking out heat.

Car window tint is an upgrade for your new or old car making your vehicle better as well as benefiting you.
Auto Overhaul
can provide you the security and quality you want for your vehicle's window tint.
Auto-Overhaul window tinting
services are located in Orlando, Florida, Kissimmee and surrounding areas.

Auto Overhaul's car window tinting business can promise beautiful window tint and installation for your vehicle.
Auto Overhaul
guarantees a quality, professional tint job for the windows of your vehicle using our advanced skills.
Auto Overhaul will come pick your car up, tint your windows and bring your car back to you.
We value to always make sure our customers are satisfied 100%

Address:  4883 E Colonial Dr
               Orlando, FL. 32803
                  (407) 496-9958

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